Monday, 22 December 2014

Nissan Murano in New style which will be launch Early 2015

Nissan Murano during a typical full-throttle test, the tires screeched a bit before digging in, then propelled this 4,000-pound crossover smartly forward. I watched the tach needle spike 5,000rpm then blip each time the transmission upshifted. It was the kind of experience you might get from any decent car with an automatic transmission, with one important difference: instead of true gear changes, a computer dictated drive ratio shifts.
The Murano relies on Nissan's continuously variable transmission (CVT), which substitutes a steel belt and pulley for a set of fixed gears. The CVT allows for a much larger range of drive ratios than even a nine-speed automatic transmission. More than that, Nissan has refined its CVT to be the best in use today. As I drove the Murano, I was consistently impressed by the drivetrain's responsiveness and power delivery.
Of course, what most people will first notice about the new Murano is its dramatic styling. Nissan went a bit over the top for this 2015 update, giving the Murano a strong beltline that kicks up hard at the back, meeting the sloping roofline for a very sporty look.
Blacked-out B-, C- and D-pillars make the body-colored roof appear to float over the car. Meanwhile, Nissan's signature boomerang design works its way into headlights and taillights. LED parking light strips up front give the car an especially sinister look in the dark.

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