Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Govt of Milan Paying People to Not Drive Cars

Pollution is a global problem and every country is taking measures to control it. A few days back, we reported that the French Prime Minister's intended to ban all diesel cars in the country, and now authorities of Milan have come up with a really innovative measure to curb the issue.
While some countries are planning to charge car owners to be allowed to drive their cars in the city, the government of Milan has announced that it will reward people for not driving their cars.
Govt of Milan Paying People to Not Drive Cars
The government has teamed up with the public transport department, an insurance agency 'Unipol', and an on-board telematics system manufacturer Octo Telematics for a new campaign called 'Park Your Car and Go Public!' The authorities will keep a track on Unipol customers with the help of the telematic systems installed in the cars. If a car remains parked from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM, the owner of the car will be rewarded.
Though the reward of 1.50 euros per day isn't huge, it does match the cost of a ticket if one plans to travel via public transport.

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